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Establishing one of London’s foremost clinics distinguished by clinician experience and expertise in private medical care

Prime Health Partners was created to offer our community, and beyond, world-class private GP services and key related health specialists to meet all yours and your family’s health needs. Opened by our founding doctor’s to offer a comfortable, warm and supportive service with access to leading in-house specialities!

About Prime Health Partners

We understand our patients value convenience and communication.

Creating a practice that was not only accessible but that had communication at its heart was extremely important to us. We know that feeling valued and being given all of the information and options is imperative to our patients.

About Prime Health Partners

About our world-class treatment for all ages and ailments.

We aimed for Prime Health Partners to stand out as a medical practice offering specialised services, focusing primarily on world-class GP appointments, minor skin surgeries, and general dermatology. Our carefully selected team of experts collaborates to provide targeted and exceptional care to our patients in these specific areas.

About Prime Health Partners
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