Active Digital are not your average telecoms provider.  

Before we were founded in 1996, many UK businesses expressed difficulty in finding a “best in class” telecoms provider.

Our mission was to change this.

A family run business (brother and sister) for over three decades, we are a multi award winning telecoms provider customers can trust.

About Active Digital 1

Considering switching to Active Digital?

Many customers have said that they have needed to prioritise the need for digital transformation ahead of anything else. To learn more on how you can smartly invest in key digital changes, please speak to one of our product specialists and arrange a free face to face or online consultation today with one of our team.


Our vision & purpose

Our purpose is to create sustainable telecoms solutions that keep your brand connected, regardless of your business size. We do not just compete on price, we stand out from our competitors by providing exceptional value and industry leading service.

We are driven to grow and expand our impact – helping ambitious and tenacious organisations, utilising our 30 years of experience and our family business ethos.

We listen to understand your challenges, and go proactively into detail so that we can trust in your package as well as the customer experience.

We want things to go right. Building innovative solutions for you to manage your business through our three core values:-

  1. Our brilliant team
  2. Service led solutions
  3. An ethical business

Our brilliant team


We empower our colleagues to commit to continuous learning, and developing specialist knowledge.  Our leadership fosters an environment of inspiring passion, enthusiasm, and ambition across the business, where expressing gratitude, recognition and appreciation are a daily practice across all of our activities.

Our colleagues are resilient, tenacious and dedicated to being responsive to an ever-changing landscape, creating innovative solutions which consistently meet our customers expectations, going above and beyond wherever we can.

We love to promote a culture among our talent which inspires creative energy, which openness, collaboration and a growth mindset leading us to strive to always being better than yesterday.

Let’s connect

Ready to elevate your experience? Connect with us on 01892 835522 or use the callback request form on our contact us page.


Steve Backley OBE

Active Digital Ambassador

Steve Backley stands as one of Britain’s most celebrated and enduring athletes. With a career spanning over a decade, he has solidified his reputation as a javelin throwing legend, consistently ranking among the all-time greats in the sport. However, in a new chapter of his illustrious journey, Steve has shifted his focus towards nurturing his business interests. Embracing the skills and discipline honed on the field, he is now channeling his passion and expertise into various entrepreneurial ventures, exploring new arenas with the same dedication that brought him success in athletics.

“I am passionate and committed to the good work and business experience Active Digital provides, which is why I am delighted to continue my ambassadorial role for them into the future.”


Mobile – A clear focus on what we do best

We are a mobile-first business. That means that we want to understand how you work, how you mobilise your business through technology and what services we can give you to make those experiences even better for your team. And when you are ready to do more with your mobile, we have a dedicated digital technology team which spends time with customers.


Our Family Heritage

We leverage our history and heritage as a family-owned business to give our customers a relationship they can rely on. We are proud to have been in the telecom’s Industry over two decades. As an independent and impartial provider, we have strong and long term relationships with all the UK’s mobile networks which means we can give our customers a wealth of knowledge and expertise.
Endorsed by Professionals
Endorsed by Professionals

Endorsed by Professionals

Whether you have five mobile devices in your organisation or hundreds of devices, we have the strength and agility to manage your account to the highest standards.

We have company ambassadors, Olympian Steve Backley OBE and Leicester Tigers scrum-half, Richard Wigglesworth who endorse us as a best in the class company to partner with. 

Trusted by industry leaders - loved by customers

Trusted by industry leaders – loved by customers

There is a huge opportunity for growth in mobile and digital. In fact, many technology leaders say that we are only scratching the surface with mobile.
There’s so much more coming in 2024/2025 and beyond.
Through organic growth and ambition, we have become one of the UK’s leading independent mobile partners and one which is award recognised for over a decade.
Always one step ahead

Always one step ahead

At Active Digital, we’re not just following trends; we’re setting them. Our mission is to deliver unique digital solutions, like our Active Insights app for seamless account monitoring and digital forms, to keep you ahead of the curve.

Right from the start, we ensure you have the best experience possible. With targeted training and workshops, we equip your team to fully utilise their devices, maximising efficiency and innovation. Join us in leading the digital frontier.

Let’s talk. 01892 835522

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