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What is a Health Screening?

Health Screening

Health Screenings at Prime Health Partners

At Prime Health Partners we provide health screenings that are tailored to your individual needs, giving you a detailed insight into your overall health.

Health screenings are key to better understanding your own health and help to ensure that you are living a healthy lifestyle.

They can help to identify any future health risks and discover how to minimise these risks. You can focus your health screening on a specific health condition or hereditary illness you may be concerned about, alternatively it allows us to flag areas of concern that you may not have otherwise been mindful of.

What To Expect

Your tailored health screening is carried out by one our expert GPs who will discuss with you, your specific needs and concerns. They will then carry out further investigation into your medical history and lifestyle.

You can expect to have your height, weight and BMI taken as well as answer further lifestyle questions, such as; your daily activity levels, your smoker status, your dietary and exercise habits and your fertility health (if you require it).

Health screening

Your doctor will then check your vital statistics; blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood sugar and a urine tests to ensure everything is normal.

Our health screenings have been structured to be holistic; encompassing all aspects of your health, but this is flexible. If there are areas of your health that you don’t feel ready to talk about or prefer not to have examined we can tailor your appointment to your wants and needs.

Dr Rebecca Hayes and Dr Farzad Entikabi are very experienced in patient medicals. The really listen and explore solutions to aspects in your life that might be preventing you from achieving the best health.

There are periods in our lives when we might struggle to have a healthy lifestyle or control our weight. Having the protected time and a non judgemental conversation with a GP who understands what you are going through, will allow you both to form a plan to suit your needs at that time.

Our GPs have decades of experience in the medical professions and have seen it all, they approach every patient with professionalism, kindness and compassion.

What’s Next?

After your comprehensive health screening, your doctor will explain their findings and the results of your tests in full (any blood tests will be sent off for testing and the results discussed with you if required).

Once you have a clear understanding of the results of your health screening we will help and support you with any changes you may need to make to your lifestyle for the benefit of your future health.

Book Your Comprehensive Health Screening

you can book your comprehensive health screening online today or if you would like to find out more about the services we provide you can contact us and one of our dedicated team will be happy to help.

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