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Why You Need A Health Screening

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  • Medically Reviewed By: Dr Farzad Entikabi MB BS MSc MRCS(Eng) MRCGP DFSRH
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What is a Health Screening and Why Should I Get One?

Having an annual health screening is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

A health screening gives you an overview of your current health, which allows you to take control of your current and future health.

This article will discuss why it’s important to get regular health screenings and what it entails.

What is a Health Screening?

A private health screening is a set of tailored tests and examinations that give you an overview of your current health.

It’s usually recommended to have one every year, but depending on your age, lifestyle, and family history, your doctor may suggest more frequent screenings.

They can be used for personal annual health checks, specific health concerns, work or educational medicals, or if you’d like support to help improve your health for the future.

What’s Included?

At Prime Health Partners we offer a range of different health screening options, designed to suit each patients individual needs.

Health screening Health assessment

Our introductory health screening includes;

  • Full medical history
  • Assessment of your family history and any increased health risks
  • Physical examination covering nervous system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, abdominal and genitourinary examination as necessary
  • Know your numbers/Your vital statistics – Blood pressure, height, weight, Body Mass Index, body fat percentage, hip to waist ratio
  • Urine analysis for kidney health and infection
  • Cholesterol and lipids blood test
  • Diabetes screening blood test (HBA1C)
  • Follow up health assessment doctors written report

See the our full list of health assessment options here.

Why Should I Get One?

A private health screening provides peace of mind by giving you an overview of your current state of physical wellbeing—something that can be particularly useful if you are concerned about any existing symptoms or have any family history of illness that may put you at greater risk than average.

It also helps identify any potential issues early so they can be addressed before they become serious problems—for example, high cholesterol could signify the onset of heart disease in later life.

Finally, having regular check-ups helps maintain healthy habits—such as eating well and exercising regularly—which can ultimately lead to improved overall wellbeing long-term.

Getting a private health screening is one way to take control over your current and future wellness.

It gives you an overview of your current state of physical wellbeing so that any potential issues can be identified early and dealt with accordingly before they become serious problems in later life.

Having regular health check-ups helps maintain healthy habits while providing peace of mind that all is well with your body’s systems – so why not book yours today?

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