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Private GP Appointments

Our Private GP Service is designed to give you the time to have your medical needs, whether it's a new issue, chronic problem or healthy living concern.

Steroid Joint Injection

Live pain-free again with Private Steroid Injections for joint pain, arthritis and sciatica

Mole Removal

Consulting a doctor is essential to evaluate the need for removal and ensure it's done safely. Remember, not all moles require removal, as many are harmless.

General Dermatology

Skincare you deserve with our exclusive, private dermatology service. We specialise in chronic skin conditions and tailor each treatment to your unique needs.

Minor Skin Surgery

Minor skin procedures involve the removal of skin conditions which may affect your confidence or have potential health implications.

Health Screening

Our comprehensive Private Health Checks will give you a clear picture of your health and mental wellbeing.
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