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Private GP Appointments

Private GP London Doctors

Exemplary Private GP Appointments

At Prime Health Partners we’re specialists in identifying and managing most health concerns.

We can also support our patients in accessing private diagnostics as well as specialist treatment both in-house and with external referral.

Many of our patients have an excellent relationship with their National Health Service Practitioners as well as using our Private GP Services.

Our GP and Family medicine services are designed with you in mind

Family Medicine

Part of our general practitioner role is to provide you with reassurance and knowledgeable medical advice.

Our Private GP and Family medicine services are designed to give you the time to have your medical needs, carefully listened to, diagnosed and addressed. Whether it’s a new issue, chronic problem or healthy living concern.

Appointments are available quickly, see one of our doctors the same day if required, either via virtual consultation or in-person. Extra time is allowed for consultations so that you don’t feel rushed.

Drawing on our teams vast NHS and Private medical experience and training to provide a first-class private care, our private GP service is designed to be affordable and accessible for everyone.

Our purpose developed clinic with onsite pharmacy is here for meet your medical needs.

Our private GP and Family Medicine services cover the whole spectrum of general disorders but have mentioned a few of the common issues below.

If you are having problems with stomach bloating, changing bowl habits or cramps and general lifestyle measures have not helped then our Private GPs can help.

Our doctors are able to investigate and manage acid reflux, irritable bowl syndrome (IBS), assess for inflammatory bowl disease (IBD) as well as more serious conditions such as cancers.

From a simple urinary tract infection to chronic issues, such as painful bladder syndrome or urinary frequency and incontinence our doctors can sympathetically advise and treat.

Dr Rebecca Hayes is the leading doctor on female health services and can examine and manage issues with periods, vaginal discomfort and pain, contraception, and cancer screening.

We are equipped with specialist, comfortable gynaecology examination coaches and give you the time and dignity for these intimate discussions and examinations.

From breast pain to investigating breast lumps Dr Rebecca Hayes can assess all breast issues.

If you wish to discuss breast cancer screening to augment the NHS screening you can have a discussion about the pros and cons of checking for breast density and further investigations and referrals if needed.

We have a specific breast service with links to specialist breast surgeons and radiologists.

We offer a dedicated and comprehensive menopause service or if you feel you just need a quick chat or review then discussing the menopause in a standard private GP consultation is another option.

Testosterone deficiency in men is under recognised and if you feel you might have symptoms then our GPs are happy to investigate further and advise.

Our expert doctors offer discreet and convenient sexual health screenings, that include STD testing and any other sexual health issues you wish to discuss, in a professional and compassionate manner.

Discussing sexual disfunction can embarrassing for patients, but you can rest assured knowing our GPs will give the you the time you need to discuss your options in a professional and compassionate manner.

We have a range of health professionals to help you with your MSK injuries and pains. We have an in house osteopath and doctors working together to get you back to your stronger fitter self.

We treat the full array of dermatological conditions from acne to treating eczema. Our expert private GPs can assess all complaints, Dr Rebecca Hayes has qualification and special interest in dermatology while Dr Farzad Entikabi can perform minor surgery in house for any lesions that need removal.

Unfortunately anxiety, depression and mental health are common conditions and can be difficult to discuss, but be rest assured, our team of doctors are here to help.

We will give you the help and support you need and can refer you to specialists if required.

If you need help managing your asthma or have ongoing breathing issues then our doctors are able to assess, investigate and advise.

Whether you are having symptoms of palpitations, chest pain or are keen to explore how healthy your heart is our private GPs can do further specialist investigations and heart scans.

We are here to help you through your whole pregnancy journey, from pre natal counselling and fertility issues to antenatal care and investigations, as well as postnatal assessment and support including in-house breast feeding consultants.

Antenatal checks – a 30minute consultation with one of our GPs going through how you are getting on, preparing you for birth, any questions or concerns you might have. A physical, checking the fundal height, doppler, urine and blood pressure and any blood test you might need and fill in your maternity records.

Whooping Cough vaccination from £120 from week 16 of pregnancy.

Additional tests include Group B Step testing £40.50 from week 35 of your pregnancy.

Harmony – Prenatal non-invasive testing £375 if you feel you need that extra reassurance, then you can have the Harmony blood test at Prime. You must have had your dating ultrasound beforehand and bring the scan results with you from 10 weeks pregnancy for us to be able to do the test.

Both Dr Entikabi and Dr Rebecca Hayes are very experienced in assessing and treating children.

Dr Entikabi has two children who are growing up fast and Dr Rebecca Hayes has two younger children. They understand how challenging being parents can be and are both dedicated to providing excellent child health care and supportive advice to parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Prime Health Partners, we are committed to providing convenient and accessible healthcare for everyone. We welcome NHS registered patients who want to come in quickly – with same-day GP appointments available.

Call us, send us an email, book online or pop in and we will be happy to schedule your GP appointment.

Our private GP service offers the utmost in medical care. With extended consultations starting at just £99, you can take your time to be sure that all of your needs are being addressed and diagnosed with attention and precision.

All fees will be discussed prior to treatment, so there’s no need for any unexpected bills!

See the full list of our Private medical fees here.

Doctors in the UK, whether working privately or for the NHS, are held to an uncompromising set of standards and protocols that ensure ethical practice with evidence-based medicine.

With that being said, Private GP and healthcare services can provide a more comprehensive medical experience, offering faster access to treatments with enhanced facilities, providing patients with an expanded range of options.

Yes, Private GPs can prescribe medications on private prescription that will be accepted at normal pharmacies.

Our experienced GPs at Prime Health Partners can advise you on the most appropriate medications/treatments to suit your needs.

Private doctors have access to a wider range of treatments as there are less cost restrictions that can sometimes apply in the NHS.

Our doctors can go through your options of the different types of medication, their side effects and benefits and what would suit you as an individual.

There are some restrictions: such as Controlled Drugs (certain sleeping medication, pain killers and ADHD medication) and Specialist only drugs (for example chemotherapy) so it is best to enquire before booking an appointment if you have a particular drug medication request.

There are also some high-risk medications that require close monitoring including blood tests as well as specialist shared care before they can be prescribed either by Private or NHS GPs.

Yes, if it is included in your plan. Before booking a private GP appointment you should contact your insurance provider to find out exactly what is included.

Alternatively, you can simply pay for your consultations/treatment as and when you need it.

See out How To Pay page for more details.

Farzad Entikabi, Team, Private GP London


Founder and Medical Director

Dr Entikabi graduated from Guys’, King’s and St Thomas’ Medical School. He is a dual member by assessment of the Royal College of General Practitioners and Royal College of Surgeons of England.

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