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Menopause – What Is The Greene Climacteric Scale?


Our Menopause Service

At Prime Health Partners we are dedicated to providing exceptional menopause care. For too long women have been reluctant, even embarrassed to address their menopause transition, with a staggering 73% leaving their symptoms untreated.

We understand that the transition affects each woman very differently and believe in empowering women to make the best choices to suit their needs.

Our female GP Dr Rebecca Hayes specialises in women’s health and is passionate about helping her patients through the transition in a kind, supportive manner.


What Is The Greene Climacteric Scale?

The Greene Climacteric Scale (GCS) is a tool used to assess your menopause symptoms. It is essentially and questionnaire and symptom checker which allocates scores for each symptom.

Your Greene Climacteric Score is determined by exploring the areas of physical, psychological, sexual and vasomotor symptoms and how they are affecting you.

Menopause treatment is most certainly NOT one size fits all, by using the GCS your practitioner is able to assess your response to treatment and tailor your treatment plan to your personal needs.

How Does It Work?

Your diagnosis and treatment will not be based solely on your Greene Scale score – there are other factors that your practitioner will explore and discuss with you.

With that being said, the use of this tool helps us to better understand 3 main areas of your menopausal symptoms;

  • Psychological
  • Physical
  • Vasomotor

We use your score to assess your symptoms prior and during treatment, at your menopause review, to track how they change over time.

We monitor how effective your treatment is and if any changes to your diagnosis and treatment are needed. Allowing us to provide you with relevant and consistent care.

Your Initial Assessment

In addition to calculating your Greene Scale Score Dr Rebecca Hayes will also carry out a detailed review of your symptoms and your needs. Together, you can explore and discuss your options.

Dr Hayes will assess your overall health, going through your past medical history, any medication you are taking and take your blood pressure and a BMI reading.

She can take blood for testing at this appointment if it is clinically needed and prescribe HRT if it is suitable for you.

What Next?

After your initial consultation, we will provide you with a personalised report, detailing everything discussed and your clinical findings.

We know that this kind of assessment can be quite daunting and there may be a lot of information to take it.

We recommend that you take the time to reflect on what has been discussed during your appointment. However, if you are happy and ready to start treatment, that is fine too.

We provide you with information about menopause and your treatment options for you to consider in your own time, without any obligation or pressure.

Don’t Stand For The Menopause Giving You A Sub-Standard Quality Of Life!

Book Your Menopause Consultation Today!

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